Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP)- Gabriel Tobby

Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP)- Gabriel Tobby

Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) – Gabriel Tobby

Firstly, I want to start from the scratch and explain this RAGP business in the way that you can understand it.

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Who we are!…
RAGP for short

Note this! For you to carry out a personal VTU service in Nigeria, see what it will cost you:
To partner with 
MTN – ₦50Million
Glo – ₦52Million
AIRTEL – ₦48Million
9MOBILE – ₦45Million

RAGP is a company that is Registered with CAC and Licensed by NCC to carry out VTU services in Nigeria.

Banks paid all these just to partner with them because they know what they stand to gain
Let me not bore you with stories.
 In this business, as you Recharge, you get paid instantly. As you buy Data, you GET PAID. As you pay your NEPA bills, Subscribe your StarTimes, GOtv and DSTV, you’re PAID.

And here’s the point. You must use Airtime and Data whether you’re broke or not. Sometimes we go hungry but our phones must be recharged because we all have the need to communicate and be connected.

So it’s an Essential Commodity
Now watch, each time you buy paper Recharge card, you don’t get paid right?
Each time you buy through your bank, you still don’t get paid, instead you even pays SMS alert charge.

And your network provider pays your bank 5% of your Recharged amount. Eg. If you Recharged ₦200, your bank earns ₦10. Small money right??? 
Okay, now Multiply it by 1Million customers on daily basis who Recharges at least
 ₦100. Lemme not mention it.

Here’s how RAGP stepped in to make ordinary Nigerians like us rich…

RAGP says… Buy your normal Airtime, Data, pay your NEPA bill, Subscribe your STARTIMES, GOtv & co, we’ll pay you as follows;

Airtime – 2%
Data – 10%
Cable TV Renewal – 40% the service charged
PHCN bills – 40% the service charged

Some people will laugh and call it small small money. But lemme tell you how those small small commissions pays my bills and make me live big.

The company says, apart from the money you earn, whenever you refer someone to the company/platform, the company pays you 20% of their VTU Activation fee instantly, and which you can transfer to your local bank account.

After Earning this Referral commissions, it doesn’t stop there o. For any kind of transaction they perform on the platform with their VTU license, like recharging of phone, you get paid still for life
And if this guy decides to introduce his brother to the company/platform, as he earns his Referral commission, you yourself will still enjoy another Referral commission instantly. And as he carries out any kind of transaction too, your direct downline earns together with you.

Today, I don’t earn anything less than ₦5,000 every blessed day (Saturday and Sunday inclusive).
Before you get jealous of me, my upline doesn’t earn less than ₦6,000 EVERYDAY.

So tell me, why can I be broke again? It’s possible today because we said YES to this opportunity.
Multiply my upline daily earning by 30 days, it’s more that the salary of most workers in Nigeria.

Please I’m not boasting here but truth be told.
And there are huge Awards to qualify for at appropriate times…
₦100k Leadership bonus
₦500k Dubai Trip Fund
₦2M Car Fund
₦3M 1st House Fund
₦4M Second House Fund
₦6M Final House Fund


When u register with a onetime payment for ur preferred package, you’d have an e-wallet account, with your unique username & password. You’d also get back 20% of what u registered with. In ur e-wallet account, u could do any of the following transactions:

transfer airtime & data

pay for cable subscriptions

pay electricity bill

transfer & receive e-wallet funds

withdraw e-wallet funds to ur local bank

upgrade to a higher package

pay for new registrations

monitor all ur transactions

ls note, the registration fee for the packages only give u access to become a beneficiary of the platform. U still need to buy units which u could sell as airtime, data, etc.

Units are the available funds in ur e-wallet account to pay for a transaction, e.g ₦100 = 100 units = ₦100 worth of airtime.


• Registration Bonus – U get back 20% of ur registration fee immediately after registration, regardless of ur package.

• Vtu Bonus – U get paid anytime u recharge anyone, regardless of ur package.

Airtime – 2%

Data – 10%

Cable subscription – ₦40

PHCN bill payment – ₦40

• Referral Commission – U get paid anytime new distributors join u or ur team on ur 1st five to ten levels deep, depending on ur package. Commission is different for each level.

1st level – 20% (direct referrals)

2nd level – 10%

3rd level – 5%

4th level – 2.5%

5th level – 1.25%

6th-10th level – 1%

• Vtu Bonus from downlines – U get paid anytime ur downlines recharge anyone. Commission is paid on ur 1st five to ten levels deep, depending on ur package and is the same for each level:

Airtime – 0.35%

Data – 1%

Cable subscription – ₦10

PHCN bill payment – ₦10

RAGP has a uni-level compensation plan which allows u to sponsor as many people as u want on ur front line (first level). This is no matrix system, no break away and certainly no leg balancing!

U gain points for every registration and upgrade in ur team. These points are known as Point Values (PV) and they accumulate to qualify u for more incentives:

Monthly Bonus (₦100k) – U qualify for this incentive for every month ur Monthly PV is not less than 10k.

Dubai Trip (₦500k) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less 25k.

Car Fund (₦2million) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 60k.

1st House Fund (₦3million) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 100k.

2nd House Fund (₦4million) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 250k.

3rd House Fund (₦6million) – U qualify for this incentive when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 500k.

How to Cashout

All earnings are credited into your e-wallet account. U can convert to cash in any of the following ways:

withdraw to ur local bank account.

sell to customers as vtu (recharge).

use to pay for new registrations.

sell to other distributors as e-wallet funds.

Meanwhile, the Telecoms Sector now has a lot of wealth embedded in it but without information you can never tap into it. You are missing out a great deal if you have not joined the train of Telecom Income Earners. (TIE).

All the banks have left their primary assignment and have ventured into telecoms. That is why the keep asking you to use their mobile app for all your airtime recharges and cable subscriptions. Learn how to make money when others Recharge their Phones, Pay for Cable Subscription and NEPA Bill.

No experience needed, No special skills needed, No certificate needed, No monthly target, No CV needed, All you need to get started is the right INFORMATION and your Smart Phone.

The Telecoms sector is creating young millionaires than any other sector you can think of. You can turn your mobile addiction into passive income.

Click on the link below to join VIP Group for training/presentation:

In conclusion, to know more or ask question about Recharge And Get Paid (RAGP) Whatsapp Gabriel Tobby on 08026930018



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